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So….here it is my very own Blog! What do I do now?! I am the stage where I’m feeling what do I possibly have to say that anyone would find interesting! I have never been one for keeping a diary so it’s going to take me a little time to get used to this, but bear with me…it’s going to be a learning process and I look forward to growing in confidence and watching my Blog evolve as I hope you will!

I have started off with a photo of how luscious the kitchen garden was looking when I was at home last week. I spent the whole week there processing as much of the produce as I possibly could. I had a chest freezer delivered which I thought would be plenty big enough but in reality I should have bought two with all the black currants we had! I did wonder, when I was picking the currants for hours at a time, just do how Ribena do it?! Do they have a special machine that plucks the ripe berries from the bushes or just an army of pickers out there in their currant fields!

I made some batches of raspberry and black currant vinegar and topped and tailed 1000′s of Gooseberries and put them in the freezer so that I could enjoy them all year round. I made a little space in the old freezer and defrosted some Black berries and had them with some clotted cream on home made scones. It was interesting tasting Blackberries at this time of the year. Raspberries I suppose we are used to getting all year round in one way or another. We find them dried in our muesli or puréed into a coulis to accompany some sort of tart when we visit a restaurant but the taste of Blackberries is unmistakably autumnal!


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